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From 1985 until 2002, I published a Young surname newsletter called “Born Young Newsletter,” having taken over the job from founder Donnie Knight. The purpose of the newsletter was to help people who were researching Young ancestors, including those with variant name spellings such as Yung, Jung, and so on. Here I will attempt to post digital copies of the newsletters that were published. For now, here is a list of contents of the newsletters I used to publish.

Following are descriptions of past issues of Born Young Newsletter.


“Donnie Knight Issues” by founder and former editor of “Born Young.” Volume 1, Nos. 1-4 and Vol. 2, No. 1. 1984 to April 1985. (23 pages) Primarily queries. YOUNG marriages in Green Co, KY. YOUNG Records in Monroe Co, TN. Some NC Wills. YOUNGs in 1851 Census of E. Gwilliambury, York Co, Ontario.


June 1985. Volume 2, No. 2. (8 pages)

YOUNGs in 1880 Census of Hardin Co, OH. YOUNG Marriages in Christian Co, KY. Some KY Obituaries. Some YOUNGs in 1850 Census of Oldham Co, Owsley Co, Owen Co, and Pendleton Co, KY.


September 1985. Volume 2, No. 3. (9 pages)

New York Alien Residents Named YOUNG, 1825-1848. G.V. YOUNG of Goodhue Co, MN. Matthias YOUNG of Luxembourg of Nicollet Co, MN. YOUNGs in History of KY. YOUNG Marriages in MO. YOUNGs in Holt Co, MO. YOUNGs in 1860 Census of Jackson Co, MO. Capt. Barnabus YOUNG of MA: Privateer’s Commission.


December 1985. Volume 2, No. 4 (7 pages)

Materials on YOUNG in LDS Archives. Boston, MA YOUNG Obituaries. Irish Famine Immigrants to NY Named YOUNG – 1846. Nebraska Territory Census 1854-1856. YOUNG Genealogies in the Library of Congress.


March 1986. Volume 3, No. 1 (9 pages)

YOUNGs in Henrico Co, VA in 1850. PA Biographies: John Clarke YOUNG of Greencastle, PA and John YOUNG from Adams Co, PA to Holt Co, MO. YOUNGs in NY Quaker Records.


June 1986. Volume 3, No. 2 (10 pages)

1850 OH Mortality Schedule. Dan YOUNG of Scioto Co, OH. Diaries Written by YOUNGs. Passenger Arrivals Named YOUNG at Baltimore, 1820-1834.


September 1986. Volume 3, No. 3 (11 pages)

Buck Private Rush S. YOUNG – WWI. Wisconsin YOUNG Biographies. Ohio Marriages (early 1800’s). Lawrence Co, KY Marriages. Charles YOUNG: Excerpts from Biography of the YOUNG Family, 1759-1905 by Rev. L.I.C.YOUNG (year not given). YOUNG Biographies of Washington Co, MD.


December 1986. Volume 3, No. 4 (10 pages)

Washington Co, MD Biographies (continued). Excerpts from A History of Frederick Co, MD. Excerpts from Genealogies of PA Families. John YOUNG Obituary: Holt Co, MO, 1890. YOUNGs in Index to KY Wills to 1851: The Testators. YOUNG-DERR References in PA and MD.


March 1987. Volume 4, No. 1 (11 pages)

Excerpts from MN County Histories. Pawnee Co, NE Marriages. Excerpts from Born Young Files.


June 1987. Volume 4, No. 2 (12 pages)

Henry YOUNG/Mary MOE Family from NY to KY. James YOUNG/Martha HOUGHTALING Family (Revolutionary War Vet) of Dutchess Co, NY. Washington State YOUNG References. James YOUNG/Saloma COMAR Family from Canada 1793 to NY. William YOUNG/Mary WHITE Family, Scots from MD to PA. Reformed Dutch Church Records at Albany, NY.


September 1987. Volume 4, No. 3 (11 pages)

YOUNG Obituaries from Clear Lake, IA. Yakima and Klickitat Cos, Washington Territory Census 1880’s.


December 1987. Volume 4, No. 4 (11 pages)

Biographical Sketches of YOUNGs in KY, 1800’s. Obituary of Nancy J. ALLISON YOUNG (born in 1805 Cumberland Co, PA) of Jo Daviess Co, IL 1895. The Anabaptist Origins of Our YOUNGs (JUNG). More YOUNG Records of Washington Territory, 1880’s. Recent YOUNG Burials in Whatcom Co, WA.


March 1988. Volume 5, No. 1 (11 pages)

Edward “Ned” YOUNG: Your Cousin at the “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Descendants of Edward “Ned” YOUNG of Pitcairn Island. Minnesota YOUNGs: Isaac YOUNG of OH and Prof. Eugene YOUNG of Cattaraugus Co, NY. YOUNGs from MN in the Spanish-American War.


June 1988. Volume 5, No. 2 (11 pages )

Comments on “Ned” YOUNG, Bounty Midshipman. Governor John YOUNG of Hawaii – 1816. YOUNGs in St. Paul, MN in 1873. Thomas YOUNG of Beadle Co, SD: Obituary, 1914. 1850 OH Mortality Schedule. Obituary of Francis M. YOUNG (born Nodaway Co, MO) of Cass Co, MN: 1912. 1850 IN Census Excerpts.


September 1988. Volume 5, No. 3 (11 pages)

Revolutionary War Pension Applications: YOUNG, Aaron – Andrew. Some YOUNG References in White Co, IL. YOUNGs in 1860 Wayne Co, IL Census. Margaret YOUNG/Christopher FUNKHOUSER Family (md. 1782 VA, to IL and KY).


December 1988. Volume 5, No. 4 (11 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part II: YOUNG, Archibald – Benjamin. YOUNGs in 1850 Washington Co, PA Census.


March 1989. Volume 6, No. 1 (14 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part III: YOUNG, Caleb – Christopher. YOUNGs in Rush Co, IN.


June 1989.  Volume 6, No. 2 (16 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part IV: YOUNG, Clark – George. Uzal YOUNG from NJ to Licking Co, OH in 1816. Louisa YOUNG FERGUSON Diary Excerpts: from IL to KS in 1866.


September 1989. Volume 6, No. 3 (14 pages).

Revolutionary War, Part V: YOUNG, George – Henry. Additional Information on Uzal YOUNG of Licking Co, OH. Leonard and Mary HIGGINS YOUNG of Early VA.


December 1989. Volume 6, No. 4 (11 pages)

Chester Co, PA YOUNGs: Excerpts. Revolutionary War, Part VI: YOUNG, Henry – Jacob. Chart of Land Acreage Descriptions.


March 1990. Volume 7, No. 1 (18 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part VII: YOUNG, Jacob – James. Queries. Books for Sale: YOUNGs of Adair and Putnam Cos, MO; and YOUNGs of Stafford Co, NH. Nelson Co, KY Marriage Bonds. PA YOUNGs, Continued. Rowberg File YOUNG Obituaries: Primarily Scandinavians of the Midwest.


June 1990. Volume 7, No. 2 (17 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part VIII: YOUNG, James – James. Queries. Wisconsin YOUNG Obituaries from the Wisconsin Necrology at Madison.


September 1990. Volume 7, No. 3 (11 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part IX: YOUNG, James – James. English YOUNGs of PA from 1904 History of ME. YOUNGs in 1870 Bracken Co, KY Census. Robert YOUNG, Sr. of Westmoreland Co, VA in 1600’s.


December 1990. Volume 7, No. 4 (17 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part X: YOUNG, James – Jeremiah. Herkimer Co, NY Excerpts. Dakota Co, MN YOUNG Obituaries. Excerpts from Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War. Pierre and Madelene ARMINGEON: French Waldensians from Wurttemberg to Lancaster Co, PA in 1753. Letter for Sale: Hugh YOUNG’s Letter from Andrew JACKSON in 1822.


March 1991. Volume 8, No. 1 (22 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part XI: YOUNG, Johannis – John. Descendants of Alexander YOUNG from Scotland to Quebec, NY and Westward. YOUNGs from Kersaw County, SC in the Civil War. Births, Deaths & Marriages in St. Lawrence County, NY. D. P. YOUNG of Mankato, MN (from Worcester Co., MA and Adams Co, WI).


June 1991. Volume 8, No. 2 (18 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part XII: YOUNG, John – John. Families of Brigham YOUNG. Use of Maps in Research.


September/October 1991. Volume 8, No., 3 (16 pages)

Andrew Jackson YOUNG and Morgan YOUNG of Green County, PA. Revolutionary War, Part XIII: YOUNG, John – John. YOUNGs in History of Long Island, NY. Census Records of Sullivan Co, MO.


December 1991. Volume 8, No. 4 (13 pages)

Revolutionary War, Part XIV: YOUNG, John – John Henry. Robert and Mary YOUNG or Augusta County, VA. John Laurens YOUNG of Laurens County, SC. 1790 Virginia Census Project


March 1992. Volume 9, No. 1.  (21 pages)

Paul Bennett YOUNG of Holt Co., MO; YOUNGs in 1850 California Census; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Jonathan to YOUNG, Joseph; Continuation of “The Family of Pierre and Madeline ARMINGEON/JONG/JUNG/YOUNG, French Waldensians from Wurttemberg to Lancaster Co, PA; Some YOUNG Burials in Highland Co., OH; Rev. Daniel YOUNG of Licking Co., OH; Some Wisconsin JUNGs.


June 1992. Volume 9, No. 2 (15 pages)

Samuel YOUNG (born 1825) from Penobscot Co., Maine to Minnesota; Biographical Sketches of Nathan YOUNG and Russell B. YOUNG of Bradford Co., PA; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Levi to YOUNG, Matthias; Queries; SLAVEN-YOUNG Connections; JUNG Researchers; YOUNG Extractions from Records of Missiquoi Co., Quebec, Canada; William YOUNG of Essex Co., VA (review).


September 1992.  Volume 9, No. 3 (15 pages)

Hiram YOUNG, Civil War Confederate of WV; Maurice Pierce YOUNG (born 1852 Scott Co., IN), from Kansas to Oregon; Two YOUNGs of Eastern Ohio Who Settled in Carroll Co., MO; Queries; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Michael to YOUNG, Nathaniel


December 1992.  Volume 9, No. 4 (13 pages)

Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Othaniel to YOUNG, Philip; Queries; Ezekiel YOUNG from Bristol, England (b. 1735) to Virginia; Jackson Co., MO YOUNGs; YOUNGs in Minneapolis in 1895; Some McDonald Co., MO Marriages; Cape May, NJ YOUNGs; Book Review: Our YOUNG Family in America (Scotland to Colonial NJ).


March 1993.  Volume 10, No. 1 (17 pages)

Photos of unknown relatives in Maine of Pendleton Co, KY family; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Ralph to YOUNG, Richard; Queries; YOUNGs of German Extraction from Lancaster Co, PA to Kanawha Co, VA.


June 1993.  Volume 10, No. 2 (16 pages)

Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Robert (many); Bellowsville, PA Burglary in 1920s; YOUNG/JUNG Families of the Mohawk Valley (excerpts); 1850 census of Monroe Co, OH; Queries; Campbell Co, KY Marriages; Stanstead Co, Quebec History; Biographical Sketch of George T. YOUNG of Montana (b. New Brunswick 1855).


September 1993.  Volume 10, No. 3 (13 pages)

Revolutionary Flag-Maker, Rebecca FLOWER YOUNG; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Robert (many, continued); YOUNG/JUNG Families of the Mohawk Valley (Hendrick JUNG Line; excerpts, continued).


December 1993.  Volume 10, No. 4  (16 pages)

YOUNGs of Harrison Co, MO; Revolutionary War Pension Applicants: YOUNG, Ruth to YOUNG, Samuel;  YOUNG/JUNG Families of the Mohawk Valley (excerpts, continued); YOUNGs of Merion Sq., Montgomery Co, PA; YOUNGs of Adams Co, PA; YOUNG Family of Franklin Co, NY & Murray Co, MN; Pamunkey Chapel in Spottsylvania, VA; Some YOUNGs from Rockingham Co, NC to TN; Queries; YOUNGs of Isle of Wight Co, VA; Luzerne Co, PA YOUNGs.


Spring (March) 1994.  Volume 11, No. 1 (16 pages)

More on Harry TRUMAN Ancestry; William B. YOUNG of Chautauqua Co, NY (son of Charles P. YOUNG of Killingworth, CT); Henry N. YOUNG of Sedgwick Co, KS (German); Frederick Bernard JUNG (YOUNG) from Saxony, Germany to Portage Co, WI; Lydia B. YOUNG Sampler in Lincoln Co, ME; Revolutionary War pension Applicants, Part XXIII: YOUNG, Samuel – Sylvester; YOUNG (JUNG) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946 (Part IV: Theobald JUNG Line), excerpts ; Putnam Co, Indiana YOUNGs: William M. YOUNG born in Montgomery Co, KY; Dakota Co, MN YOUNG Obituaries; Queries.


Summer 1994. Volume 11, No. 2 (15 pages)

William and Mary Ann BOWSER YOUNG, Scotch Presbyterian Immigrants to IL; Oscar YOUNG Obituary, Sacramento, CA, 1994; Douglas Owen YOUNG Obituary 1994; Women Soldiers of the Civil War (general; no specific YOUNG references); Revolutionary War Pension Applicants, Part XXIV: YOUNG, Thomas – Vetchell; YOUNG (JUNG) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946 (Part V: Frederick, Andreas, and Theobald YOUNG, Bros. of Adam YOUNG), excerpts; Queries.


Fall 1994. Volume 11, No. 3 (12 pages)

YOUNGs of Long Island, Suffolk County, NY; Transition of A Name in America: ARMINGEON… JUNG… YOUNG, French Waldensians from Wurttemberg to Lancaster County, PA (contd. from Dec 90 and Mar 92); Revolutionary War Pension Applicants (Part XXV) Named William YOUNG; YOUNG/JUNG Families of the Mohawk Valley, 1710-1946 (Part VI); Queries.


Winter 1994. Volume 11, No. 4 (12 pages)

The Family of Capt. Thomas YOUNG, English Explorer (excerpts from Thomas Young: Toujours Jeune by Pinney, 1915); Revolutionary War Applicants (Part XXVI) Named William YOUNG, contd.; Britton YOUNG of Todd County, MN (born 1851 IL); Transition of A Name in America: Lancaster Co, PA (contd. from Fall 1994); YOUNG/JUNG Families of the Mohawk Valley, 1710-1946 (Part VII).


Spring 1995. Volume 12, No. 1 (12 pages)

Resources for those with New England Ancestors: Excerpts from the Work of Louise Ryder YOUNG, including Strafford Co, NH; Revolutionary War Applicants (Part XXVII) Named William YOUNG, contd.; Queries; The Family of Capt. Thomas YOUNG, English Explorer (excerpts from Thomas Young: Toujours Jeune by Pinney, 1915), continued from Winter 1994; Announcement of Ross YOUNG Family Reunion, Laurens Co, SC.


Summer 1995, Volume 12, No. 2 (12 pages)

Revolutionary War Applicants (Part XXVII): YOUNG, William – Zebulon; Marcus and Matthias JUNG b. Palatinate, Germany ca. 1710 to Lancaster Co, PA; Some New Jersey-Ohio YOUNGs; Some Campbell County, KY Marriages, 1795-1850; Some Maryland Wills.


Fall 1995, Volume 12, No. 3 (12 pages)

Children of Alexander and Elizabeth RICKETTS YOUNG: The Family of Capt. Thomas YOUNG, English Explorer (excerpts from Thomas Young: Toujours Jeune by Pinney, 1915), continued from Spring 1995; JUNG Queries; Johann George JUNG Descendants in NC and elsewhere; Palatine Families of Ireland; YOUNGs of Madison Co, TX; YOUNG-HITT Genealogy; Jane and William YOUNG of Hardin Co, OH.


Winter 1995, Volume 12, No. 4 (12 pages)

Some Massachusetts Vital Records, Part I; The Family of Capt. Thomas YOUNG, English Explorer (excerpts from Thomas Young: Toujours Jeune by Pinney, 1915), continued from Fall 1995 (Conclusion).


Spring 1996, Volume 13, No. 1 (12 pages)

William and Sarah (GRAHAM) YOUNG from Butler Co, PA to Lucas Co, IA, 1860; The YOUNGs Along Renox Creek, Cumberland Co, KY; Some Massachusetts Vital Records (Part II – Birkshire Co); YOUNG (JUNG) Families of the Mohawk Valley, 1710-1946 (Part VII: Hans Christian YOUNG 1728-1813 and descendants of his son, Godfrey); Will of William YOUNG of Pittsylvania Co, PA; YOUNG Family Bible of Oliver Graham YOUNG born 1848, died 1920; Some Allegheny Co, PA YOUNG Biographies; YOUNG & HAXTON Family Photos of Kircaldy, Scotland & NSW Australia; Queries.


Summer 1996, Volume 13, No. 2 (12 pages)

Book Review: Six Columbiana Co, OH Pioneer Families: Baltzer YOUNG (1760-1845) & Mary BUSS; MA Vital Records (part III): Berkshire Co, MA; YOUNG Photo Album from WI & IL; Dietrich YOUNG (JUNG) Family of Mohawk Valley (part IX of series); Yonge Street, Ontario Bicentennial; Northeastern US Research of Louise Ryder YOUNG; Rev. Christopher YONGES Family Association; Queries.


Fall 1996, Volume 13, No. 3 (12 pages)

Captain Peter YOUNG (b. ca. 1793) of NY and MI; Queries; MA Vital Records (part IV): Barnstable Co, MA Births; CARPENTER-YOUNG Connection in 1920 Ramsey Co, MN; American Loyalists During the Revolutionary War Named YOUNG; Washington Co, OH Births; Rev. Seth YOUNG of Onondaga Co, NY.


Winter 1996-97, Volume 13, No. 4 (12 pages)

Dr. John YOUNG: Peterborough, NH in the American Revolution; Queries; Christian YOUNG of Bucks Co, PA; Two Men Named James YOUNG Married Two Women Named Harriet RICE in Guernsey Co, OH; MA Vital Records (part V); Campbell Co, KY Marriages.


Spring 1997, Volume 14, No. 1 (12 pages)

Hulda YOUNG photo taken ca. 1870 at St. Louis; Dr. Meek’s Young Collection on Microfilm at LDS Library (SC, MS, VA, Southern U.S.); NY Alien Residents 1830-40; Massachusetts Vital Records, part VI; Forever Young Family Newsletter for descendants of Jesse Young, War of 1812 veteran, and his wife, Sarah Chaddick; Acrostically Yours, related to Jane Adair YOUNGE, Irish immigrant to U.S.; announcement of availability of Book of YOUNG.


Summer 1997, Vol. 14, No. 2 (12 pages)

Surfing the ‘Net for YOUNGs; Michael (JUNG) YOUNG, German from France to NY; Some Massachusetts YOUNG Marriages.


Fall 1997, Vol. 14, No. 3 (12 pages)

Photo of Rufus YOUNG of Albany, NY ca. 1885; More Internet Techniques; YOUNG Genealogy Web Page; Wisconsin JUNGs with Prussian Roots; Daybooks of Andrew YOUNG of Grayson Co, VA; Pennsylvania Puzzler: Descendants of Joseph YOUNG of Scotland and Joseph YOUNG, War of 1812 vet of Alton, NH; Samuel YOUNG of Berks Co, PA; Lancaster Co, PA YOUNGs; James YOUNG & Aaron YOUNG of Northampton Co, PA; Announcement of preparation for Book of YOUNG, Vol. II.


Winter 1997, Vol. 14, No. 4 (12 pages)

Ancestry of Samuel Lockwood YOUNG of Pendleton Co, KY; YOUNG Biographies of Northampton and Bucks Counties, PA; 1925 Obituary of J.E. YOUNG of MO who died in OR; Bio of John M. YOUNG (b. 1836) of Carmunnock, Scotland, a retailer in Fall River, MA; Some YOUNGs in MN Death Records.


Spring 1998, Vol. 15, No. 1 (12 pages)

Annie YOUNGs Who Died in TX (1900s); Brief News from Other YOUNG Societies: Rev. Christopher YONGES Family Organization (settled NY in 1600s) and Jesse YOUNG Family Organization (Southern US); Scotch-Irish Immigrants to Potter Co, PA (Part I); Book Review: Biographical Dictionary of the YOUNGs (1625-1870)… York Co, ME, by Louise Ryder YOUNG, 1996 (Heritage Books, Inc.); Obituary of William Sherman YOUNG in Pittsburgh, PA 1900; Some Ray Co, MO YOUNGs: John Taylor, Ambrose, Sebron, Warren; Some Dodge Co, WI YOUNGs: Lewis, Albert; Jacob JUNG of Sheboygan Co, WI from Baden, Germany in 1853; Bible Record of Alonzo Morris YOUNG of Allegheny City, PA.

Spring 1999

Summer 2000

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Winter 2000-2001

Spring 2001

(To be continued…)

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