Ancestors of Anne Karine Dybdal

Anne Karine Dybdal was born 8 November 1883 on the Dybdal farm in Østre Toten, Norway, the daughter of Ingvar Pedersen Dybdal and Helena Evensdatter Grøtberg. She was the fourth of six children: Even (1877-1878), Hans (1879, married Lina Ottilie Kristiansdatter), Ingvar (1881-1953, married Berta Karine Antonsdatter Evang), Anne Karine (1883-1958), Evald (1886-1965, married Agnes Helene Antonsdatter Evang) and Petra Ingvarda (1888-1941, married Martin Evenson Grøtberg). Anne left Norway in 1902 and in 1905 she married Oscar Hagen. The couple briefly returned to Norway and came back to the U.S. in 1912, where they stayed for good.

Here are some photos of Anne’s father, Ingvar Pedersen Dybdal (1854-1947).

Ingvar Pedersen Dybdal (1854-1947), Anne’s father, was the son of Peder Maxen Mylius (1824-1902, descendant of Franz Christian Anton von Mylius of Schleswig and later Ostre Toten, 1759-1831) and Caroline Beate Larsdatter Skinstad (1828-1885). This family and descendants have been well documented in the book, “Mylius: Slekstbok for den norske gren av slekten Mylius zu Schleiz,” [Family History of the Norwegian Branch of the Mylius zu Schleiz family], by Ole M. Granum, Mette Nordengen & Inger-Berit Øtby-Deglum, published in Norway in 1993.

Helena Evensdatter Grøtberg (1841-1920), Anne’s mother, was the daughter of Even Christiansen Rognebyst (born ca. 1820) and Anne Andersdatter Stange (born ca. 1820 in Hedmark). So perhaps Anne Karine Dybdal was named for her maternal grandmother. Ingvar and Helena were married 3 April 1843 in Østre Toten. I need to do more research on Helena’s family.

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