Volume 16, Number 1 Spring 1999 Born Young Newsletter

Born Young Newsletter

Volume 16 Number 1                                            Spring 1999


Descendants of Johann Heinrich Jung (Young)
A Pennsylvania German JUNG Family Moves Westward

 Submitted by Penny Carpenter, 521 Frisco, Clinton, OK 73601

I would like to find the names of the parents of my ancestor, Johann Heinrich Jung. I hope that someone can help me,” writes Penny Carpenter.

Johann Heinrich Jung was born 2 February 1750 or 1751 somewhere in Pennsylvania.

On 18 April 1780, Johann Heinrich married Anna Marie Bastian.

Johann Heinrich Jung resided during the American Revolution at Northampton Co, PA, and served as a private in the army.1

He died 10 August 1828 in Lehigh County, PA. His wife Ann Marie Bastian Jung died only three weeks later on 31 August 1828.

Their son John Matias Young was born 24 February 1787 in Northampton Co, PA. His wife was Anna (last name not known, but she was born 20 May 1792 and died after 1857), and he died in Northampton Co, PA in 1854.

Pictured at left is Zelma Young at age 12.

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Abraham Young married Hanah Wright. Their son Jonathan W. b. 12 Oct 1805 at5 Lewiston, ME, md. 20 Sep 1827 at Guilford, ME to Mercy Robinson. Their son Temple Emery Young was b. 6 Jan 1840 at Guilford, ME and md. 3 Feb 1861 to Juliaett Connell. Their son Willis Grant Young b. Aug 1865 md. 1) Abbey Odessa Russell in 1890 and 2) Mary Price in 1899. Willis’ son Floyd Denzel Young was b. 3 Nov 1895 at Adams Co, IA and md. Alta Bush.



Charles Tieman, 207 S. Stearns Rd., Oakdale, CA 95361 (e-mail charliet@worldnet.att.net):

Seeking parents of Phebe Young, b. NY ca. 1784, md. 1) abt. 1801 to Calvin Foote; md. 2) Linander Barrettin Rochester, NY abt. 1825. She d. in Lenawee Co, MI. Her mother’s name, according to our family history, was Patience Daykin (Dakin?).


For a while I thought my Phebe may have been the daughter of Isaac Youngs of Long Island, later of Saratoga Co, NY. She md. Gilbert Swan and seems to have stayed with him.


I’ve looked for this family in the records of almost every county in NY, over 200 rolls of microfilm, just for NY! Can anyone add anything?



Cathy Grey, 330 Karen Way, Tiburon, CA 94920:

Researching Sally Young of NH, b. ca. 1780-1790, a sister of (Reverend?) Daniel Young. Sally md. a Whitcomb and their son Daniel Young Whitcomb lived in Scioto Co, OH.


Editor: In June 1986, Vol. 3, No. 2 “Born Young Newsletter” there was a one-page excerpt from History of Scioto County, Ohio: Biographies of Representatives…, concerning a Dan Young. He was born 7 April 1783 in Grafton Co, NH. His father was Jesse Young, an officer from MA in the Rev. War. Who was born and reared in MA. His mother, Ruby Richardson, was a native of CT. His ancestors on both sides were from England. Dan Young was the third child of his parents. He became a preacher. In 1809 he and his brother James were ordained as elders. Dan Young served in the Legislature of NH from 1812-1813. He started for Ohio in 1820. He, John Young, Jesse Y. Whitcomb, Josiah Merrill, John Hurd, Martin Ruter, all from OH, were proprietors of the Ohio Iron Co. Dan’s first wife was Miss Clough of Northfield, NH; his second wife was her sister.


A book in the series by Louise Ryder Young called Biographical Dictionary of the Youngs that focuses on the areas of Essex and Old Norfolk Counties of Massachusetts Bay Colony (Heritage Books Inc., 1994) contains an entry concerning what may be the same Young family:


“YOUNG, Jesse a.k.a. Lt., b. 3 Jan 1751 Haverhill, s/o John and Susanna (Getchel) Young, d. 2 Sep 1804 Lisbon, NH; md. 1778 Haverhill to Ruby Richardson (b. ca. 1755, of same town). Jesse served as Corporal in the NH Rangers, 1775 and rose to the rank of Lt. For the defense of the frontiers…” Jesse’s children were listed as Sally b. 1779; James b. 1780; Hannah b. 1785; Life b. 1786; Ruth b. 1789; Elizabeth Wolfe (Young) Emery b. 1791; Mary (Young) Hurd b. 1793; Ruby b. 1795; John b. 1798. But there is no mention of a son named Dan or Daniel.


Keep us posted as you learn more about this family.


Descendants of Johann Heinrich Jung (Young)

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Family tradition says that John died “with a stroke of palsy,” and Anna died of “cancer of the breast.”

John Matias and Anna Young had two sons, David and Charles. There may have been additional children. Nothing further is known of Charles.

David Johnson Young was born 7 January 1829 in Northampton Co, PA. By 1852 he was living near Melmore, Seneca Co, OH, where he was married on 8 January 1852 to Sarah Ann Klaiss.

Sarah was born 1 March 1829 near Youngstown, PA. (David may have been born there also.) A descendant, Bula Johnson, recalls that Grandmother Sarah Young told her she was twelve years old when she made the journey by covered wagon from Pennsylvania to Ohio. That would have been about 1841. The names of Sarah Klaiss’ parents are not known, but her mother died of “milk leg” and her father of a bone disease of the ankle. It is said that Sarah spoke mostly German until she was 21 years of age.

David and Sarah had seven children. After Seneca Co, OH, they lived for several years in Appanoose Co, IA, before moving to St. Clair Co, MO around 1865.

Children of David and Sarah Ann Klaiss Young:

  1. John Joseph, b. 8 Nov 1853 near Melmore, OH; md. Jan 1878 in Wapelo Co, IA to Caroline Bowen; d. 6 Aug 1902 in Katy, TX;
  2. Annie Elizabeth, b. 9 Apr 1855 near Melmore, OH; d. 18 Aug 1927 at Long Beach, CA;
  3. Elmira (Ellen), b. 10 Nov 1856 near Melmore, OH; d. 17 May 1895;
  4. William H., b. 5 Apr 1860 in Appanoose Co, IA; d. as an infant on 24 Jul 1860, and is buried in Brushy Cemetery;
  5. George Tilman, b. 22 Mar 1862 at Appanoose Co, IA; d, 1940;
  6. Edward Anson, b. 5 Aug 1863 at Appanoose Co, IA; d. 22 Oct 1948 at Griffinsville, Appanoose Co, IA;
  7. Lillie, b. 2 Mar 1866 at St. Clair Co, MO; d. 9 Jul 1929.

David Young died 11 May 1866 at Oscelola, St. Clair Co, MO. Descendant Zelma Young Thomas tells this story she heard from her grandmother, Sarah Klaiss Young, about the events leading up to the death of David Young:

“A man came to see David Young, or their hired man, and the visitor was in a quarrelsome mood, and shot. The bullet hit the wall and glanced off, then struck Grandfather’s knee or below.

“The man said he would go for a doctor, but two days passed and no doctor came, so Zelma’s father, John Joseph Young, was sent for the doctor. [He would have been 12 years old.] He brought the doctor, but by that time gangrene had set in, and the leg was amputated below the knee.

“The poison spread, however, and the leg was then taken off above the knee, but they could not save David Young, as the poison had spread through his system. He died 11 May 1866 and was buried in Freeman Cemetery (now Holsapple Cemetery), St. Clair County, Missouri.

“Grandmother said she felt so alone there with the family that she went back to Iowa where they had friends, land, and a home, and had lived for practically five years before moving onto this Missouri farm, about twelve miles south of Oscecola. It is probable they had only lived in Missouri a year or thereabouts. Sarah Young established her family then on land that they had bought in 1860, or before, when they reached Iowa, after moving from near Melmore, Seneca County, Ohio.”2

Sarah Ann Klaiss Young, died 2 January 1908 in Courtland, KS. She is buried in Union Valley Cemetery there.

John Joseph Young, the son of David and Sarah who was sent for the doctor after his father was shot, grew up and married, about 1878, to Caroline Bowen. Caroline was born 6 Aug 1859 and died 16 Apr 1889 at Mystic, IA, and is buried in Brushy, IA. John Joseph died 6 Aug 1902 in Katy, TX.

John Joseph and Caroline had six children: George William Allen; Clara; Dessie; Mary C.; Nathan Bowen; and Zelma May March Zelloy Young.

Submitter Penny Carpenter is Zelma’s granddaughter, the daughter of Zelma’s son, Kenneth Thomas, Jr. She is very fortunate to have her father’s written memoirs and many old photographs of her ancestors. Can anyone help to add more to this interesting family history?

Sources noted:

1 Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. 8, pp. 119, 158, 220; NSDAR application #715465.

2 The Young Family Record, written by Zelma Young Thomas for a family celebration


Young-Wooton Collection:


In memory of her aunt and uncle, Jessamine (Peggy) Young Wooton and E. C. Wooton, Becky Wooton Gift made a donation in 1994 to the Fayatte County (KY) Genealogical Society. Ms. Gift had inherited her aunt and uncle’s family history collection in 1990.

The gift includes almost 400 items relating to the Young family as well as over 6,000 pages of genealogical information, spanning the mid-19th century until the 1980s. There were at least three physicians in this Jessamine County (KY) family: Dr. Archibald Young and his sons, Matthew and Thomas. (Editor’s note: For biographies on these men, see Vol. 15, No. 2, Summer 98 “Born Young Newsletter.”) Matthew was a surgeon with the Union in the 4th Kentucky, October 1861 until August 17, 1865. He was at Mills Springs, January 19, 1862 and cared for General Zollicoffer before his death.

Some of the most interesting materials are Dr. Thomas R. Young’s Civil War manuscripts which include various military records concerning hospital and medical supplies. He contracted with the Union army and served at various Kentucky camps and military hospitals, including Camp Nelson and the convalescent camp at Lexington. In addition, he served with the 1st KY Cavalry (Union) at Monticello. After the war he practiced medicine in Ashland, KY.

This collection includes a significant amount of genealogical information and research on the Wooton and Noe families of Virginia and Kentucky. Collateral information is also available on the families of Combs, Jordan, Tackett, Berry, Shipley, Mitchell, and Thompson. The papers include correspondence, notes, transcripts, photographs, maps and charts, photocopies, genealogical charts, journals, books, newspaper excerpts, pamphlets, official documents, and information on Kentucky and related genealogical  books.

“The collection is a fascinating addition to our Kentuckiana holdings and should be an indispensable source for information about the history of the Young-Wooton and allied families and Civil War medical topics covering treatment of ailments and conditions which existed in various military camps as well as 19th century medical practices in general,” said the Fayette County Genealogical Society representative.

Source: The Fayette County (KY) Genealogical Society Quarterly, Winter 1994. Contact the society at P. O. Box 8113, Lexington, KY 40533-8113. Submitted by Margie Thomas.


Clermont County, Ohio Pioneers

Submitted by Margie Thomas

Following is a list of some early Young pioneers of Clermont County, Ohio, and where they are mentioned in county records.

Yong, Rheuben
1802 census

Yonge, Rheuben
1802 census

Young, Henry
1803 election records; 1808 deed index

Young, James
1798 petition

Young, John
Common Pleas court records, 1808-1812

Young, Leven
1801 deed index

Young, Original
1810 tax list

Young, Reuben
1806 election; courts 1800-1808; Common Pleas 1808-1812


Revolutionary Service of
of Clermont Co, OH

Example of original record from Clermont Co, OH Common Pleas Book:

Common Pleas Minutes Book H, page 122:

April Term, 1834. On this second day of the term of said Court, Reuben Young and in Open Court made oath and stated that he served in Captain Samuel Tinsley’s company which was commanded by Lt. Col. Henry Gaither. He entered said service in the year 1795 and was discharged on 29 September 1798. At the time of his said enlistment, he was promised 100 acres of land, no part of which neither himself or any person under him ever received.

He enlisted in Spottsylvania County, VA, under Lt. John Buckner, and at Richmond, VA, he was placed under the command of Capt. Tinsley. About six or eight months of the time of his said service he was under the command of Capt. William Eaton and was afterwards detached to the company of Ensign or Lt. Hugh McCall, who was afterwards paymaster general for the Southern Troops, but was all the time of his enlistment after he arrived at St. Mary’s under the command of Lt. Col. Gaither. The accompanying discharge was given by Col. Gaither and has been in his possession ever since.



Some Youngs of Maine & New Hampshire

The non-italicized text is excerpted from “Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire,” Vol. III, Ezra S. Stearns, editor; The Lewis Publishing Company, New York & Chicago, 1908.

The text in italics contains comments based on the volumes of “The Biographical Dictionary of the Youngs…” covering York County, Maine, and Strafford County, New Hampshire, published 1996 and 1990 respectively, by Louise Ryder Young.1


“…Five succeeding generations of this branch of the Young family have lived on the same farm, situated about two miles west of Province Pond, in Effingham. The house built by the early settler still stands. The frame, heavy and strong, is covered with wide pine boards hewed smooth with an adze and fastened perpendicularly to the frame with hand forged nails. On both the nails and the boards the blows of the artisan’s tools are still visible.”

  1. Jonathan Young, born 11 Jul 1729, died 2 Nov 1807, is said to have come from England, and settled in York, MA (later ME). His wife’s name was Mercy. Young’s research indicates Mercy’s [aka Marcy] maiden name was Nowell.

    Jonathan was the fifth generation of his Young family to live in York, MA (later Maine). He was a twin, the younger son of Jonathan Jr. and Abigail Came Young. His grandfather was Samuel Young who md. Elizabeth Masterson; his great-grandfather was Rowland (aka “Deacon”) Young, Jr., b. 1649 York, who md. Susanna Matthews; his 2nd great-grandfather was Rowland Young, Sr., b. ca. 1620 in England, a fisherman whose wife was Joan Knight.

    In time, Jonathan became a landowner of considerable acreage in York, Maine. (His numerous land transactions are described in the Biographical Dictionary.)

    Jonathan’s wife Mercy was born in 1736, and died 29 Jun 1800. They were the parents of seven children:
    Joseph, 8 Feb 1766 York, joiner,  md. Mary Carlisle;
    Mercy, aka Marcy, b. 19 Dec 1768 York, md. Moses Hodson, Jr.;
    Dorcas, b. 21 Apr 1771, md. Samuel Tucker;
    Jonathan 3rd, b. 12 Dec 1773 York, md. Mehitable Moody, graduated Harvard and relocated in Acton, ME ca. 1830;
    Jabez, b. 1778 York, trader, md. 1799 to Joanna Grant; and
    Timothy (see below).

    Jonathan and wife Mercy were buried at York cemetery.

  2. Timothy, youngest child of Jonathan and Mercy Young, was born 13 Apr 1776, died 10 Apr 1841, cAme from York, ME. He settled in what is now Effingham, NH, on the old homestead where he lived and died, and where he and his wife are buried. Timothy died 10 Apr 1841 at Effingham.

    He cultivated his farm of 150 acres with diligence and skill and made a good living. In his time Portsmouth and Portland were better markets than those nearer, and he often took loads of produce to them, the journey to Portland and back generally requiring a week’s time. He was an attendant of that branch of the church that the Rev. Mr. Bullock of ME established, and was also an uncompromising Democrat. Their church was the Freewill Baptist Church.

    He married 27 Apr 1802 Molly D. Hobbs, and they were the parents of five children:
    Sally, b. ca. 1803 York Co;
    Jonathan, b. 21 dec 1805 Effingham;
    Elizabeth, b. 18 Nov 1809 Effingham, md. Hayes;
    Mercy, b. 1810s Effingham; and
    Mary, b. 1810s, Effingham.

  • Jonathan (2), second child and only son of Timothy and Molly D. (Hobbs) Young, born 21 Dec 1805, died 10 Dec 1888, succeeded to his father’s homestead and position in life. He married 29 Jan 1835 to Sarah Buzzell, and they had three children, Amanda, Timothy B., and Jonathan L.

    In 1860 an Abigail Cotton, age 62 (b. 1798 ME) was living in the household of Jonathan and Sarah Young, in Strafford Co, NH census records. By 1870 Jonathan was a widower. Jonathan may have had another son, Lyman, whose estate was administered in March 1870.

  1. Timothy Benjamin, eldest son and second child of Jonathan and Sarah (Buzzell) Young, was born on the old homestead, 10 Nov 1840. His education was acquired in the common schools, and at the age of 21 he went to Gloucester, MA, where he was employed in teaming for about three years.

    Returning to his home he resumed the cultivation of the farm, which he continued until 1894, when he sold it and moved to Wolfboro Falls. Subsequently he opened a store there, and is now engaged in trade.

    He is a Republican in political faith, and attends the Free Baptist Church. He married 4 Nov 1872 Sarah Isabel Buzzell, born 10 Nov 1849, daughter of Joseph and Betsey Y. (Sanders) Buzzell. They have one child, Oscar L…


There can be little doubt that this line is an offshoot of the old family of which an account precedes this. A diligent search in the vital records of New Hampshire has failed to show the connection.

  1. Jonathan Young was born in Barrington, NH in 1777. The first of whom his descendants have knowledge was a Jonathan Young, who resided in Londonderry, NH. He is a farmer by occupation, and resided for a time in the town of Manchester. He was married on Christmas Day 1794 at Goffstown by Rev. Cornelius Waters, to Mary (Polly) Perham, born 9 May 1779 in Manchester, NH… Children believed to be Betsey Clerk (1797). Edward (1799), ND Cyrus (1801).
  2. Edward, son of Jonathan and Mary (Perham) Young, was born in Manchester, 6 Apr 1799, and died in Dracut, MA in June 1881, aged 83. He md. Emma Emerson, b. Manchester 1804, and d. in Dracut in 1890. Children were Edward, Jonathan, John O., Morse, Joseph H., Josiah, Sikes, Sarah, Mary, Johanna, and Velvina.
  • Edward 2, elder son of Edward and Emma Emerson Young, was b. in Dracut, MA on 6 Nov 1832. He farmed in Pelham, NH. He md. in Dracut, 10 Mar 1855, to Mary Elizabeth Woodbury, of Pelham. Children were Laura (md. Timothy Shea, decd.), James E., and Amy Effiebell.



  1. Abiathar Young was a farmer in Sunapee, where he settled on virgin soil and made a farm in the woods. He was a member of the Methodist church and was elected to town offices. He married Mary Moses, and died 14 Jan 1847(?), aged 87. She died 10 May 1841 aged 83. Their children were John, Sally, Hannah, Abiathar, William, and Andrew (next mentioned).
  2. Andrew, fourth son and youngest child of Abiathar and Mary Moses Young, was born at Sunapee, 5 Nov 1799, and died in March 1873 at age 74. He grew up on a farm and for a time was a tiller of the soil, but the last 20 years of his life he spent as owner of a mill. He married Lydia Ferrin, born 1803, who died 19 Dec 1883, aged 80. They had six children: Hannah, Abiathar, Guy B., Elvira, George A., and Lydia.
  • George Almon, third son and fifth child of Andrew and Lydia Ferrin Young, was born in Sunapee. 28 Nov 1834, and died in Concord, 11 Nov 1904, aged 70 years. He was in the dental business in Concord with his brother-in-law, Dr. E.G. Cummings… He married at Acworth, 26 Aug 1858, to Mary Jane Cummings. Their children were Mary Ellen and William A.



  1. William Young, born in Cheltenham, England, came to this country in 1844 and settled in Troy, NY. He was a furniture dealer. He died in Troy at the age of 93. He married in England to Martha Lane, who was born in the same city. Their children were James, Mary, Josiah, and William Henry.
  2. William Henry Young, son of William and Martha, was born in Cheltenham, 15 Jun 1834, and came to America with his parents when he was 10 years old. He learned the trade of marblecutter in Rutland, VT. After working there some years he engaged in the marble business, and later in private busines. In 1885 he discovered the present quarry property in Milford, NH. As senior president of Young, Sons & Company, granite quarriers and dealers, he has a profitable business… Mr. Young married Martha J. Stanhope, who was born in Troy, NY, daughter of Thomas Stanhope. Ten children were born to this union, six of them still living: Minnie E. (md. E. F. Milzer of Milford); William H., of Troy, NY; Martha J.; James F.; Sarah L.; and Fred J. William Henry Young died 26 Feb 1907, and his wife d. 17 Feb 1907. Both were members of the Episcopal Church.




  1. Robert Young was born in Lowell, MA in 1839. He removed to Manchester, NH, where he had charge of a brewery for some time. About 1865 he removed to Franklin… He owned the Young Hotel of which he was proprietor until 1899, when he retired from business. He married Mary Jane Donnelly. Their two children were Mary Jane and Robert J.

1 The series of “Biographical Dictionaries of the Youngs…” by Louise Ryder Young have been featured in previous issues of BYN. All three are highly recommended and are available for purchase from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716.