I’m researching the ancestors of Gizella Margit Anna Bartusek (nicknamed “Gizi”), who was born 5 February 1881 in Budapest, Hungary, and baptized in Deak-ter Parish. Her parents were Janos Bartuschek (1833-1898) and Hermine Karoline Lingel (1846-1936).

on back of similar photo it says "my family aug 1910"
Gizella Bartusek Moisescu holding daughter Valeria, who was born in December 1908. The Bartusek sisters were seamstresses in Budapest. The other two women are likely Bartusek sisters; the man is Gizella’s husband Illie Moisecu. The young boy is Bela Moisescu, and he girl in the background at right is unknown. Probably taken summer 1909 in Budapest.

According to a relative living in Hungary in 1984, Gizella’s father Janos was a “grinder.” He is likely the ancestor who Grandma Val said ran a scissors and knives factory in Hungary. I have a photograph of a building with a sign that appears to say “BARTUSEK FERENCZ” (Janos’ youngest son), and there are a man and two boys standing near it. The photo was taken in 1938 and sent to Gizi and Illes Moisescu in the US.

Gizella’s father Janos was born in 1833 and died at age 65 in 1898. On 22 November 1863 in Terezvarosi Parish in Pest, Janos married his first wife, Antonia Carolina Kékömezey, born 25 December 1834 in Szentmihaly, Turocz megye (county), Hungary. Antonia was the daughter of Stephanus Kékömezey and Antonia Hladik, and she may have had a brother Gustavus.

The children of Janos and Antonia were:

  1. Anna Antonia Maria, born 3 April 1866 in Pest and died 27 January 1939 in Hungary;
  2. Caroline Maria, born 1 November 1868 in Pest and died 10 October 1910 in Hungary;
  3. Antonia Maria, born 26 August 1870 and died on 8 September of that same year, in Pest.

Janos’ wife Antonia Carolina died 7 April 1871 in Pest, Hungary at age 36.  Janos very quickly remarried on 17 July 1871. The two surviving little girls, ages 1-1/2 and 4, needed to be cared for. His second wife, Hermine Lingel, at age 24 was about 13 years younger, and had not been previously married. Hermine was the daughter of Karl August Lingel (1811-1871), a native of Halle, Sachsen, Prussia, and Juliana Nezse (born ca 1815). The marriage record says that Janos Bartuschek, a Roman Catholic widower who is a master knifesmith of Budapest, was 38 years old in 1871.

Children of Janos and Hermine Bartuschek were:

  1. Hermine Juliune, born 19 April 1872 in Budapest (I don’t have a death date for her);
  2. Katerina “Kati,” born 8 May 1873, died 9 May 1923 in Budapest;
  3. Luiza Amalia Helena, born 11 July 1873 and died 12 May 1895 in Budapest;
  4. Karoly Nikolaus, born 5 December 1874 and died 13 February 1920 in Hungary;
  5. Johann Franz, born 22 November 1876 and died 3 March 1920 in Hungary;
  6. Dezso Henrik, born 28 January 1879 and died 9 October 1883 in Budapest;
  7. Gizella Margaret Anna, born 5 February 1881 in Budapest; married to Tamas Ilie Moisescu of Romania, and died 2 July 1972 in South St. Paul, Dakota County, Minnesota;
  8. Ida, born 24 October 1882 in Budapest and died in 1945 in Hungary;
  9. Ilona Anna, born 11 April 1885 in Budapest and died 12 December 1944 in Hungary;
  10. Ferencz, born 26 February 1888 in Budapest and died 12 December 1941 in Hungary.

Gizellas sisters holding Bela; Ida on left and Ilona on right

This is a photo of Gizella and her sister Ilona, who is holding Gizella’s son Bela Moisescu, born in Budapest in 1907. Gizella and Ilie Moisescu would emigrate to the United States with their children in 1911. None of Gizella’s siblings left Hungary.