My Trip to Romania 2016

romania-showing-banat-present-day-romanianmusem-dot-comThe Moisescu family came from a large town called Sannicolau Mare in Romania; before 1920 it was Nagyszentmiklos, Hungary. It is located in the westernmost part of Romania in a region called Banat which spans areas of present-day Romania and Serbia.

In September 2016 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of traveling to the Moisescu ancestral home. I visited the Romanian National Archives in Timisoara where I examined and copied original church records dating back to 1851. I attended a church service at the gorgeous Serbian Orthodox Church where my great-grandfather was baptized in 1875, where I lit candles in his memory.

Outside the Serbian Orthodox Church in Sannicolau Mare

My friends and I also visited the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Greek Catholic Church in Sannicolau Mare. We traveled to neighboring villages where their ancestors lived, including Beba Veche, Igris, and Cenad. Part of our trip was to visit the cemeteries where many of our family members are likely buried, although we did not find any recent gravesites.

I don’t know that this family is related, but there were many Funar/Funari families who emigrated from this area to Minnesota.